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Welcome to the Brian McGarry for Rotterdam Town Supervisor website.  I appreciate your interest in my campaign.


In 2009, I co-founded the No New Tax Party (NNTP) independent ballot line on which I campaigned for Town Supervisor.  Our platform was straightforward.  The candidates opposed the creation of any tax district(s) and pledged to resist increases in property taxes during the first two years of our terms.

With an increasing number of unfunded mandates being forced on local communities by state and federal governments, reduced federal and state aid, and higher energy costs, the commitment to freeze property taxes will require a disciplined and principled leader who is not beholden to special interests.  I am that leader!

I look forward to working with all town residents to ensure that Rotterdam remains “A Nice Place to Live” and to work.  I encourage you to share with me your ideas regarding means by which we can hold the line on government spending and reduce the oppressive local property taxes that stress family budgets and impact business profitability.

A successful campaign requires both funding and a dedicated team of volunteers.  I ask for your support, by whatever means you are able, so that we may bring much needed change to local government; change that will restore civility, transparency and accountability by our elected representatives and that renews a sense of “service” to public service.